Build Together Saskatchewan wants women and youth to know there are rewarding and satisfying careers in the building trades.


The last 50 years have seen tremendous changes in all aspects of women’s lives – at home, at school and at work. Occupations that were once dominated by men have fallen one by one. Today, there are large numbers of women doctors, lawyers, police officers and soldiers. But, the number of women in the building trades has lagged well behind. Across North America, women make up less than five per cent of the building trades – the “last frontier” for women. Build Together Saskatchewan aims to change this.

Build Together Saskatchewan is part of a Canada-wide effort to bring women into the building trades and to keep them in the trades – recruitment and retention.


Team members attend job fairs, Try a Trades, do interviews and participate in public awareness campaigns. They make presentations to schools, guidance counsellors and parents because, even today, youth in high school do not consider the building trades a “real” career choice.


The experience of the members of Build Together varies greatly. Some have many years on the job, some have only recently become journeypersons, and some are just beginning. All have come together in an effort to get the word out, to tell Saskatchewan women and youth that “the building trades may be right for you,” and to support each other.

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